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New in our Free Downloads section is an EXCEL Spreadsheet with Visual Basic acros for generating Relative Permeability curves. The macros use estimates of ucible and esidual saturation along with wettabilityrelated parameters. The preadsheet ntains suggestions from the literature for appropriate parameters. About Henderson trophysics Don Henderson has more than 30 years of formation evaluation xperience in Australia, SouthEast Asia, Veezuela, US Gulf Coast, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.Henderson Petrophysics offers highly specialised formation evaluation services to the oil and gas exploration and development industry.We offer data analysis and report preparation services at the wellsite, in your office, or in our office.n the pecial Features section Menu to the left you can read how Virtual Petrophysics may be a very cost effective realtime solution for your data analysis needs The Special Features article Add Value with Petrophysics is devoted to case studies showing how petrophysics can add value to your oil and gas portfolio.


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